fetured Artists

Inger Nova Jorgensen


Inger Nova Jorgensen is a multi-faceted contemporary Artist. She sculpts figuratively in clay and casts in bronze, using refined techniques to create realistic archetypes with bold, contemporary surfaces. These figures give life and movement to the density of metal, presenting a powerful focal point for any space. These allegorical yet mystical figures intend to evoke emotion with poetic, spirit-like aspects personifying the highest in human potential. 

Inger also works by commission to create interior and exterior monuments, welcoming inspiration from clients to create art with meaning and purpose. Inger works out of Enclāve Studios in Ashland, Oregon.

Arthur Kraft


Kraft oeuvre is characterized by bold paintings of people in everyday situations rendered in an ambiance of uneasiness and distortion. He is an instinctual painter, using a generic idea as a foundation and leaving the rest to his intuition. Kraft uses strong, vivid colors to develop his images, combining his keen eye as a social observer with his trained artistic skill. 

Art Van Kraft has garnered global recognition for his work. He has taken part in shows at places like the BIAF in Seoul, South Korea, the Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery and at NEXT Gallery Palazzo Somaglia in Piacenza, Italy. Kraft continuously works to extend his international reputation and introduce his painting to new international audiences.

Kevin Christman


Christman works in a variety of mediums including sculpture, glass, and paintings and is exhibiting bronze works at Trace West. The large work titled “Mirrored” is from the “Human Nature” series of work created by Kevin Christman in the 1990’s.  This body of work is what he refers to as “landscapes of the mind” that deal with humanities efforts to control nature and our perceived separation from it.  Kevin’s most recent exhibition was at the European Museum of Modern Art in Barcelona, Spain. More of his work can be seen locally. 

Jeanne Larae


Jeanne LaRae explores and discovers light and shadow and its magical effects as light dances across a dog’s noes, causes aspen trees to shimmer and water to sparkle. Dramatic shadows and bouncing light create and tell the story Jeanne relates throughout her paintings of nature, landscapes, architecture, people, and animals. She encourages people to look deeper into their surroundings, to listen to the whispers of the world as a symphony of color and light, and to experience the path.

Michael Young


The sculptures and forms Michael creates come from an ongoing investigation of the intersection of science and spirituality, between the knowable and intuitive. He is fascinated by the ways that three-dimensional forms can express some of the conceptual relationships between quantum physics, eastern spirituality, cosmology, and psychology. The resulting meditational forms are inspired by primordial and ancient shapes ranging from the intricate to the minimal, creating in the space a unique interrelationship between the viewer and the object. 

Michael Young is a local artist with an MFA in Sculpture and a background in Art Education. He has been creating and actively exhibiting nationally since 1995 with work including sculpture, two-dimensional mixed-media, performance art, site-specific installation, sound-based art, and kinetic artwork.

Bianca Palma


Raised in New York, Miami and San Diego, Bianca grew up in a creative atmosphere. She fell in love with clay at the age of 17 and the ability to use ceramics as a form and voice to express the essence of Being. From a mixed AfroCuban and American heritage she draws upon many cultures process as inspiration within her own self. Having much experience in production pottery there is a skilled craftswomanship to the freedom of imperfection. There is a depth to her work that unfolds in the hands of the beholder, that speaks of the deep origins of clay to the heights of fine ceramics in the present.